The decision whether to have a big or a small wedding is primarily up to You, the newlyweds! It is Your wedding!

Whether you are having a big or a small wedding it depends on Your preferences, priorities, and financial situation.

Have you just furnished and equipped Your new flat, bought a new car, and you do not have much money? Would you like to get a loan, be obligated to pay off your wedding instalments for a year or two? If you think it will be an additional burden, avoid it. Why wouldn’t you have a reception for 20 or 50 closest people….well, no one has the right to blame you for it!

Perhaps you would like to travel somewhere and spend the earned money in such way…so simply do it……..no one can blame you for it!

Both of you aren’t fond of big weddings…have a lunch or dinner for around 15 people…

In case you are indecisive, or you simply don’t mind each of the two possibilities, listen to your parents’ suggestions and fulfil their wishes!

Whatever you decide, no one can blame You for it! You are mature, independent, you know what You want and don’t want! Make a decision by yourselves!